STUDY: Overindulging in food, drink and festive socialising leaves Brits longing for balance


More than half of the nation officially feel ‘Christmas-ed out’, having overindulged in food, drink and festive socialising, according to a new study.

With just under three weeks of festivities still to go, researchers have polled the nation and discovered that 60% of Brits already feel ‘over’ Christmas, with the celebrations and social occasions beginning as early as the 1st of November for many people.

The average Brit will have already been on five Christmas shopping trips, made two Winter Wonderland visits, tasted seven Christmas themed drinks, been to three Christmas parties, had 2 Christmas dinners, eaten 12 mince pies and watched an enormous 23 Christmas adverts.

The jam packed festive social calendar and endless Christmas treats appears to be taking its toll. Research commissioned by Gordon’s Ultra Low Alcohol Gin & Tonic flavoured drink, the go-to, ultra low alcohol alternative for when you just don’t feel like ‘drinking’, with less than 0.5% ABV, discovered that a third (33%) of Brits feel they simply have too much on in December and are worried about overindulging.

Overindulging is something that almost three quarters of the nation (83%) admit to doing at Christmas time, with two thirds of men and almost half (48%) of women admit that they find it hard to moderate what they drink at Christmas time. With this, more than half (58%) of Brits are already thinking about how they can avoid some social events, with a quarter dreading all of them.

This month of overindulging leaves a third of Brits feeling tired and unhealthy, with 42 percent feeling bloated, 41 percent sluggish and 33 percent left feeling generally exhausted. Despite it still being December, it would appear that 63 percent of the nation are already thinking about January moderation and health intentions. Almost a quarter (23%) intend to moderate their calories, 17% are planning a new fitness regime, 12% will join a gym and one in ten plans to moderate their alcohol consumption.

Despite these good intentions, two thirds (67%) of those polled admit they find such New Year’s resolutions hard to maintain throughout the whole year, with a quarter of Brits admitting they tend to give up before January is over, and a third (29%) confessing it’s hard to suddenly cut out all the treats and indulgences that December brings.

In fact, eight out of ten people (83%) say that they feel December and January are months of two extremes, with two thirds (67%) claiming they believe they’d feel better and be happier if they could practise moderation and balance in what they eat and drink throughout the year.

Charlotte Gibbon, Head of Gordon’s, comments: “December and January can certainly be a time of two extremes and it’s evidently something that resonates with all of us. We’d like to encourage the nation to enjoy this festive season and the new year, in equal measure and we’re pleased to announce the launch of the Gordon’s Ultra Low Down.

The Gordon’s Ultra Low Down is a curated series of events with a twist, along with top tips for achieving balance from psychologist Rachel Andrews, to help see consumers through the season with more moderation, whilst allowing them to still enjoy the celebrations. Why not get involved in a Ministry of Sound Fitness Class and enjoy a Gordon’s Ultra Low afterwards or watch a festive classic film with Gordon’s Ultra Low at Luna’s Winter Cinema Series.”

To add the full Gordon’s Ultra Low Down calendar of events to your diary, simply download them here.