The Apprentice star Daniel Elahi helping those in need this Christmas

CHRISTMAS is a time of giving and The Apprentice star Daniel Elahi is doing his bit this winter season to help people in need.
The 2018 BBC One candidate is donating sticks of his Revival Shot hydration powder to those living in areas affected by natural and political disaster.
In a new post on his official Instagram page, followed by more than 10,000 people, Daniel revealed for every ‘like’ he receives, he’ll donate a stick.
The Revival Shot product was revealed as the London-based entrepreneur’s business plan destined for Lord Sugar during his time on The Apprentice.
Daniel said: “This is by far the most ambitious endeavour I have ever undertaken, but given the partners we have in place for this project I’m confident of its long term success.
“Millions dies each year though lack of access to water and dehydration; we plan to distribute sticks to areas hit by natural and political disaster and the developing world.
“In such places 1.5 million children dies each year from diarrhoeal diseases such deaths can be easily avoided with rehydration products.
“We have teamed up with some amazing charities, including Hope & AId, who have expertise in logistics and distribution to such areas.”
Revival provides a multiplier effect, the electrolytes allow more water to be absorbed into the blood stream.
One glass of revival can provide the same hydration as three large glasses of water, as such it will have most impact in places where water is scarce.
Daniel added: “When I started this business it was focused so heavily on recovery and the commercialisation of that in the western world.
“Now I am beginning to see the true potential of the product.
“Given the number of parties around this time of year, Christmas is by far our busiest month, launching now will hopefully get this project off to a flying start.”
To get involved, visit Daniel’s Instagram page at: