The London Dungeon has a brand new experience launching this Easter


This Easter, the London Dungeon’s own Sweeney Todd is calling all those brave enough, to play his twisted game of hide and seek.

Following a narrow escape from his barbershop, you’ll need to seek refuge in a small and secret room within the walls, sharing the space with creepy crawlies and the menacing drips of the pipes – all in hope of escaping the demon barber’s blade. As he launches his new show for a limited time only.

Guests will need to hold their breath and peer through the walls, as Sweeney himself plays the seeker. He’ll have his eye on one of them so they will need to watch out as he grabs hold and delivers that infamous close shave.

The rush won’t stop there for those who visit the attraction, which includes 19 shows and 2 thrilling rides. Treat yourself, your family or your friends to the ultimate day out at the London Dungeon – the home of scary fun – and experience an array of scream-drenched stories and fear-inducing shocks over the school holidays.

Andrew Walker, General Manager at The London Dungeon said: “This Easter we wanted to give visitors something more than just an Easter Egg. So, we decided to bring guests up close and personal with our resident barber Sweeney Todd, who’s more than happy to swap out chocolate eggs for his own brand of personal grooming, as he seeks out his new victim.”

The show is available from 5th to 22nd of April and included in the standard ticket price.

Known for bringing the city’s dark history to life, The London Dungeon promises to deliver ample laughs and screams for a half-term experience that you’ll never forget.

Please book ahead to avoid horrible disappointment: