The Online Casino of the Future, Today


Online casinos are booming, and have revolutionised the gambling market, with millions of players spending billions of dollars every year across seemingly endless sites. As well as new places to play cropping up every day, new technology and games appear regularly. And with this being a technology-driven industry, the onus is on developers to up the ante and push the potential of online casinos to the limit. The evolution of games has been rapid, and makes use of cutting edge graphics and video streaming capabilities to take online casino games such as Non Gamstop Casinos to the next level, as well as enhancing the user experience. All of this makes for an exciting and dynamic industry, which has been pulling in new customers who may not have had any interest in playing in traditional, land-based casinos. Let’s take a closer look at some of the trends that are prevalent in online casinos today and what we can expect in the near future.

Slot Machines

The slot machine is an iconic casino classic. So simple to play, and yet so compelling – it is one of the most popular games in any land-based or online casino. The classic slot machine format is incredibly versatile, and developers are producing more and more intricate games, some with storylines, diverse themes, cutting edge 3D graphics and video streaming capabilities. The other big area for developing slots is in the gameplay itself. Once limited to three reels, slots now have multiple cascading reels, with countless winning combinations with different prizes. Don’t be surprised to see new and exciting slot machine options every time you visit an online casino.

Virtual Reality

One of the most futuristic developments enhancing the online casino experience is virtual reality (VR). This has been around for a couple of years now, but because it requires some additional hardware, such as a headset, it has only just started to become more widespread. With the now affordable tech, VR offers a truly immersive casino experience, where you can interact with other casino users while you navigate between games. And of course, you can enjoy all the high tech games that the casino has to offer. One of the games driving the industry is video poker, making use of live streaming within the virtual environment, as well as interaction with other players and a dealer. And, of course, you can play at your dining room table. VR is always developing, and always becoming more affordable, which means that any online casino worth its salt will utilise it.

Mobile Technology

It goes without saying, but the ubiquity of smartphones and tablets has really revolutionised the online gambling industry. For the first time, these businesses have reached an audience far wider than the punters who visit the grand casinos of Las Vegas and Macau. And this new audience takes their mobile devices with them wherever they go. As a result, developers are pushing hard to create better apps, more exciting games and more compelling content, all geared towards mobile users.

Cryptocurrency and Blockchain

One huge development area online casinos focus on is security. Any reputable site will have SSL security certification, which guarantees an encrypted environment where transactions can take place. But more and more users are choosing to make and receive payments in cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin. Blockchain casinos offer decentralised, transparent and yet fully anonymous markets where players can feel fully secure. Not only that, but payments are almost instantaneous, and winnings will be credited to your account in less than a minute. It’s no wonder bitcoin is so popular amongst online casino gamblers.

Data Analysis

With such a heavy virtual footfall in online casinos, developers have an unprecedented amount of data to analyse and work with. Behaviour patterns can be detected, popularity of games ascertained, and profitability clearly shown. Player history can be tracked and analysed, to see what makes a user tick. This gives developers the opportunity to tailor future games and platforms to the desires of their customers, as well as refine and optimise their existing games and content.

Artificial Intelligence

Alongside improved data gathering and analysis sits improved artificial intelligence (AI), which benefits the overall user experience of an online casino player. Just as Google or Netflix recommends users products, films or series, casino AI can offer you games based on your playing history. AI often controls the customer service end of the industry, to some extent, and you might find yourself having a query answered by a bot on one of the 24/7 support chat systems.

Online casinos marry the classic glamour of old school gambling with the ever-widening possibilities of software development. With evolving new tech and increasing emphasis on immersive gaming experiences, the casino of the future is just a click away!