The short film from India that is going places


A short film from India directed by a Mumbai based filmmaker has been winning awards and getting screenings in North America and Europe.

‘The Perfect Murder’, described by the filmmaker, Vikkramm Chandirramani as an ‘urban crime drama’ was screened at the South Europe International Film Festival held in Valencia, Spain last week where the director received the ‘Best Director of a Short Foreign Language Film’ award for it.

This came close on the heels of the NCCC Film and Animation Festival held at Buffalo, New York every year declaring the film the ‘Best Dramatic Film’ of the year. The NCCC Film and Animation festival is organized by the Niagara County Community College.

This is the twenty first year of the festival. Last month, the 9th Ridgewood Guild International Film Festival also held a screening of ‘The Perfect Murder’ and come month end, the 6 Firenze FilmCorti International Film Festival to be held at Florence, Italy has a screening of the film scheduled.

Speaking about this, Vikkramm Chandirramani said, “It’s wonderful to be able to represent Indian cinema in Europe and North America and break the stereotype that Hindi films are only about song and dance. When I made the film, it was important to me that the film must travel well and that made this possible.”

Chandirramani’s last short film, ‘Destiny’, a romantic drama comedy was also an award winning film and has since garnered 4.6 million views on YouTube. He now has a few projects in development.