Tipi residents enjoy rooftop wellness sessions against backdrop of Wembley Stadium

On 21 June, the world will celebrate International Day of Yoga 2019. Wembley Park residents, however, don’t have to wait until then to exercise their minds, bodies and spirits. Residents of lifestyle-led rental homes company Tipi, in Wembley Park, can enjoy rooftop yoga classes throughout the summer months, as well as a series of special rooftop Pilates masterclasses.
The free Pilates sessions are taking place on one of the superb roof terraces at Landsby, which is home to 295 apartments and a range of stunning social spaces, including a lounge, resident kitchen, private dining room and rooftop gardens.
The first class took place on 18 May, during National Mental Health Awareness Week, and enabled Tipi participants to calm the mind whilst working on improving neuromuscular development, strength, stability, flexibility, endurance, and the biomechanics of movement.
A further class, on 25 May, will train Tipi residents to tone their core muscles through intense but balanced exercise. Participants in the 1.5-hour long classes each received a gift – either a soft-ball or a flex band to continue their Pilates practices at home or on the Tipi rooftop if they prefer to find their flow al fresco.
Over on the roof terrace of Tipi’s award-winning Altobuilding, meanwhile, with its light-filled apartments, gym, lounge and resident kitchen, yoga classes will run throughout the summer months.
Set against the impressive backdrop of Wembley Stadium’s world-famous arch, participants will flex their minds, bodies and souls in the sunshine on the first Saturday of every month, with panoramic views of London.
Each class is followed by the chance to unwind and socialise with neighbours over a healthy brunch in the residents’ kitchen and lounge.