Theresa May vows to end the gender pay gap


Prime Minister Theresa May has vowed to end the gender pay gap!

The Prime Minister called on companies to take steps to improve workplace equality.

The Prime Minister said: “Tackling injustices like the gender pay gap is part of building a country that works for everyone.”

She added “But the gender pay gap isn’t going to close on its own – we all need to be taking sustained action to make sure we address this.”

To close the gender pay gap further, the Prime Minister is calling on companies to:

  • improve the pipeline to ensure progress on female representation at senior levels, including supporting women to progress to middle management and offering return to work schemes
  • publish their gender pay gap data, including companies with fewer than 250 employees
  • make flexible working a reality for all employees by advertising all jobs as flexible from Day 1, unless there are solid business reasons not to