This Halloween The London Bridge Experience & Tombs host their annual “Phobophobia” adventure


Every Halloween The London Bridge Experience & Tombs host their annual “Phobophobia” adventure where the UK’s best scare attraction gets even scarier as for four terrifying nights only ‘The Hillbillies’ are taking over!

Patriarch Cletus, the self-proclaimed no.1 Donald trump fan, will do anything for his supreme leader.  Cletus and his wife (who is also his sister), have brought their whole family to London to visit the vaults of London Bridge (as the other parts are in the USA) to spread the word about how he is Making America Great Again. Meanwhile, cousin Bobby-Joe is looking for love again but be careful his last bride didn’t fare too well having a rather unfortunate ‘accident’ with a meat grinder.

Journey through an experience more twisted than ever before as The London bridge Experience & Tombs set new levels of shock, fear and depravity, when their American cousins give you a special dose of southern hospitality.  Don’t think you are quite out of the swamp yet!  Uncle Festus has been spending a lot of time cooking down below in the tombs.  The smells emitting from there are to die for.  Who knows what lurks beneath our Hillbillies toe tapping feet. Are you brave enough to find out this October?

For the younger/more nervous guests The London Bridge Experience will be offering their year round award winning family fun adventure everyday from the 15th of October – 3rd of November from 10am – 5pm . Guests during the daytime will meet soothsayers learn about witch dunking and the fun dark history of London Bridge followed by the award winning London Tombs. Rest assured though, whichever version of the show you come to see, you’ll be guaranteed a few surprises!