London’s Hotel Xenia Introduces A Deluxe Cigar And Whisky Pairing Masterclass


Hotel Xenia, an Autograph Collection Hotel, located in the heart of Kensington and Chelsea, has created the perfect gift for the would-be cigar aficionado in your life.  The pleasure of a good cigar, paired with a distinctive whisky is one of the finer things in life not to be missed. Hotel Xenia’s brand-new tailor-made experience is a fun, yet informative masterclass with the hotel’s expert identifying the different types of cigar and the best whisky to pair –  a great gift for that special person in your life!

“You must choose between me and your cigar” once wrote Rudyard Kipling in his amusing poem – The Betrothed, a narrator musing on the difference between his fiancée Maggie and his habit of smoking cigars. And for cigar connoisseurs who would also like to introduce their respective partner to the wonderful world of cigars, the new deluxe Cigar and Whisky Masterclass, is the perfect introduction – learn the art and history of the hand rolled Cuban cigar. Guests can enjoy an interactive cigar tutorial covering the basics including the history, the cigar making process and how to smoke and enjoy a cigar! Hotel Xenia’s secluded heated Herb Garden is the perfect venue for the masterclass. The cigars will be paired with perfectly matched whisky, ensuring guests truly appreciate the exotic aromas and amazing ingredients which both contain. The masterclass will include a selection of delicious canapés from the hotel’s restaurant, Evoluzione.

The Deluxe Cigar and Whisky Masterclass includes:

  • A Hoyo de Monterrey Epicure No.2 each
  • Paired with three drams of whisky each, to complement the evening’s cigar of choice
  • Selection of canapés

Price is £138.00 per couple. Additional guest’s cost £69.00 per person.

Unlike smoking a cigarette, smoking a cigar is a totally different kind of experience and although it was once deemed a generational pastime, younger people are beginning to see smoking a cigar as an occasional indulgence. The new deluxe Cigar and Whisky Masterclass is ideal for anybody, from would-be cigar smokers who would like to learn to smoke and enjoy the occasional cigar, to regular cigar smokers who would like to learn more about the wonderful, yet mystifying world of cigars!

For guests wishing to make a night or weekend of it, prices start from £169.00 per room, including breakfast.