Tips For Improving Male Mental Health


If you are a male who is less than 45 years old, suicide is what has the highest chance of killing you. Just think about that, beyond tragic accidents, and beyond diseases and any other cause, the thing that most likely kills men under 45 years old is themselves.

All men obviously need to do something about this. Maybe we can help come up with a solution since we are the ones causing the problem in the first place. The following are six things that men can do to help them improve their mental health. There is scientific research to back up all of these methods.

It is definitely time to start taking better care of ourselves.

Don’t worry about your Instagram habit: the widely circulated statics about poor mental health and using the internet shouldn’t even register on your radar. The concept that there is a correlation between depression and using the internet is based on a 1998 study, which is definitely out of date from how prevalent social networks are today.

It was found in a study that chat sessions with anonymous users actually left participants feeling much less isolated. Also, social networks containing many acquaintances boosts self-esteem and helps to combat loneliness. So make sure you stay connected both online and offline.

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Spend Time in Nature

The British Journal of Sports Medicine published a 2014 study that linked sedentary lifestyles with depression, so go for a walk instead of binge-watching TV shows.

If you are able to find a tree it’s even better. It was found by Health Promotion International journal that human contact with pastoral settings and nature is a very effective aspect of a strategy for combating mental health problems like depression. It was also found in the study that not enough contact with nature is connected to a reduction in physical health. So, to give your physical and mental health a boost you should think about jogging in the park.

Get Zen

Now it’s time to discuss meditation. Just listen carefully to the fact and refrain from any anti-New Age thoughts.

A Cognitive Therapy and Research study found that participants who went through an 8-week class on stress reduction techniques and mindfulness were able to significantly reduce or kill negative thoughts that can spiral out of control and result in depression.

To achieve this, it encourages you to focus on the present rather than feeding your anxiety on future events. It was also found in the study that the individuals that went through the 8-week course were about 10 percent less likely to become depressed once again compared to individuals who are on anti-depressants.

Take Up a New Hobby

Whether that is playing the trumpet, woodworking, or biking, spending time on activities that are meaningful other than just work to keep your brain sharp.

A study looked at both unemployed and employed participants and it was found that social leisure activities instead of solitary ones significantly reduced psychological distress and depression. For example, a group activity such as five-a-side is the ideal combination of team building and workout.

Get Big and Strong

Although a steady-state run does get you out of the house, a good lifting session can keep your brain in great shape just as well or better.

A study tested steady-state runs against lifting to help combat depression and it was found that both of these activities resulted in significant boosts in mood. Are you not sure where to being? Try out our triceps and chest workout that can provide you with major muscle development.

Get Assistance

Social Psychiatry published an Australian study that showed that 71 percent of mental health cases within the study experienced delayed treatment for one month at least due to anxiety or due to lacking in education about mental health authorities.