Two teenagers who were ‘menace to the London public’ sentenced


Two teenagers who committed violent robberies have been sentenced to a total of eight years in custody.

Both defendants were sentenced at Inner London Crown Court on Monday 13 May.

[A] Frankie Batchelor, 18 (05.01.01) of Lucey Way, Southwark was sentenced to five years’ detention in a Young Offender Institution, for three counts of robbery, attempted robbery, three counts of attempted theft, taking a motor vehicle without consent (moped); two counts of driving with no insurance, two counts of driving not in accordance to licence, criminal damage, handling stolen goods; aggravated vehicle taking and possession of an offensive weapon, namely an axe.

A 16-year-old boy [B] (24.01.2003) of Stanford Place, Southwark pleaded guilty and was sentenced to three years’ in a Young Offender Institution, for two counts of robbery, two counts of theft, attempted robbery, attempted theft, breach of a Criminal Behaviour Order, and taking a motor vehicle without consent.

Both previously appeared at Inner London Crown Court on the 4 February. Batchelor pleaded guilty to all of the offences apart from the moped snatches on the 4 January 2019. [B] pleaded guilty to all of his offences.

On Saturday, 4 August at 03:30hrs on Crawford Street, Westminster, Batchelor (pillion) and an unidentified accomplice on a stolen moped rode up to five people in a car. Batchelor drew an axe from his backpack, which he swung at them, demanding their possessions. Some of the passengers fled from the vehicle, but others were held captive inside until a watch and mobile phone were handed over. A deep gouge was made to the car by Batchelor.

At 04:30hrs local officers spotted the moped being ridden. The officers pursued the moped which went on to contravene red traffic lights and took bends at such high speeds that sparks were seen.

On Grosvenor Place, the moped collided with another marked police car that was not involved in the pursuit. This marked vehicle was travelling in the opposite direction to the moped and tried to move out of its way. However, the moped changed direction and collided with it, which caused this police car to flip onto its roof.

The unknown moped driver left Batchelor on the floor with a leg injury and ran off.
They are still to be identified and enquiries are ongoing.

Batchelor’s backpack containing the axe and stolen mobile phone was seized. A stolen watch was found in his jacket pocket.

Batchelor was taken to hospital and was later arrested for driving offences. At this stage he had not been linked to the robbery. He remained in hospital for approximately a month.

The Operation Venice Investigation team took over the investigation into the robbery and obtained CCTV of 4 August robbery which identified Batchelor.

After leaving hospital in September, Batchelor was interviewed for the driving offences before being released under investigation.

Then Batchelor, with an accomplice [B], carried out further offences starting on 3 January:

At 16:52hrs: Batchelor (driving) and [B] on another stolen moped approached an estate agents in St Gabriel Walk, Southwark. [B] entered the front office, producing a hunting knife. The three employees fled and hid in a rear room. When they returned, [B] was gone and so were their mobile phones.

Later that day at 17:06hrs, [B] approached two men who were using laptops at a café on New Bridge Street, London. [B] attempted to grab one of the laptops but failed. He then produced a large hunting knife and the other male victim handed over his laptop. The pair fled the scene.

On 4 January, the Operation Venice Investigation Team obtained CCTV from the estate agent. Both suspects were identified from facial images, but also because of Batchelor’s limp.

Officers then went to Batchelor’s home address in Lucey Way to arrest him and [B].

In the meantime, at 12:58hrs on Tooley Street, Southwark, the pair snatched a mobile phone from a person as they rode past.

At 13.16hrs, on Valentine Place, Southwark they tried to snatch a mobile phone from a person as they rode past, but were unsuccessful.

At 13.20hrs on Great Suffolk Street, Southwark they snatched a person’s iPhone.

At 14:00hrs, police found the moped parked up at Lucey Way where Batchelor resided lives. They then saw Batchelor and [B] coming towards the moped.

[B] walked straight into officers. Batchelor attempted to hide in a doorway but was seen. Both were arrested for the robberies committed on 3 and 4 January.

On 5 January, Batchelor was further arrested and charged for all offences, as above.

[B] was also charged with the offences on 3 and 4 January.
A number of items were recovered during a search of Batchelor’s home address which included clothing matching those worn during the offences and a hunting knife.