Veladero – Hitting all the milestones on its way to becoming the biggest crypto currency exchange in South America


As the value of bitcoin currency is breaking (and setting) new records, many leading economists and think tanks have predicted that now is the time to invest in bitcoins before they become too expensive and consequently too far out of your reach.

So, if you are prospective buyer looking to make some wise investments then Veladero, the biggest crypto currency exchange platform, should most definitely be your go – to place. This Argentinian gold mining company is the hottest topic in the bitcoin industry and for all the right reasons. The primary one being that they offer bitcoins at rates cheaper than other contemporary companies, so much so that the buyer ends up saving nearly two hundred and fifty dollars. But what makes this offer even more unbelievably tempting is that they also accept nearly three hundred and seventy six types of currencies.

More recently, sources at the Veladero have reported that the gold mining company is going to make crypto exchange till 1st October of this year, during which they will be accepting nearly 378 different kinds of currencies, including USDT and BTC which were the general currencies of transaction, and also offer bitcoins at even more cheaper rates to their usual buyers as a sign of goodwill. This is also a major reason contributing to their success as the biggest crypto currency exchange in southern America.

Who is Veladero?

Veladero is a gold mining company based in the San Juan province in the South American Country of Argentina. Thanks to its association with big names such as Barrick Gold Corporation, the largest gold mining company in the whole world, Veladero has managed to reach the top with quite a lot of success. However, Veladero is not just a run of the mill gold mining company – it has also carved a niche for itself by emerging as the biggest crypto currency exchange in South America. This is because they believe in supplying gold from their vast reserves to their joint partners in exchange for bitcoins which is the main reason behind selling bitcoins at a cheaper rate. Thus far, this has been a successful venture for them and many economists report that with the pace at which that Veladero is moving, it has definitely gotten itself a one way ticket to becoming the biggest crypto currency exchange in South America.

Presently, with its crypto exchange on a rapid rise, Veladero has decided to share 100% of their profits with their users for the next two months before their grand opening of their crypto currency exchange on 1st October when bitcoins will be sold on even more discount. Many economists recommend that this would be an ideal time to invest in bitcoins from Veladero which are not only cost efficient but also focused on achieving the results desired!

Why should you buy Bitcoins from Veladero?

One of the main reasons that Veladero has acquired the status of being the biggest crypto currency exchange platform in South America is not just because it sells bitcoins at cheaper rates but also for the following reasons which are equally, if not more, important,

  • Veladero is extremely secure in its transactions and many reports have stated that they take all steps necessary to be cautious to properly preserve the interests of their clients.
  • Its association with other big players such as Barrick Gold Mining Corporation is an excellent assurance to the prospective buyer since it shows that Veladero can fare well in a competitive environment and shows the potential to rake in the returns expected by its shareholders. More than that, Veladero is well-placed to produce strong cash margins from high superiority gold assets over the long-term making it a great place to invest.
  • Veladero is efficiently equipped with digital infrastructure for remote work and fundraising for our potential clients.
  • All transactions and related activities are customer centric and focused on adopting the best methods in cultivating their client’s success which is why bitcoins are the main medium of transaction.


The abovementioned reasons are just the tip of the iceberg. Veladero is the biggest crypto currency exchange in South America chiefly because it places a great deal of value in providing its customers with the best experience only and takes pride in employing people who are not only talented but also hard working. Moreover, with the grand opening of their crypto currency exchange, Veladero has implemented some great offers which are available for the next two months till 1st October, when they will be offering some great discounts and accepting a wide range of currencies. So, if you had any doubts regarding which place to buy bitcoins from, the Veladero is most definitely your place.