Who is King Jonas I of Lauwiner?


King Jonas I of Lauwiner is the first and only son of Thomas I of Lauwiner and Habiba El-Rhaib. He is the current Emperor of Lauwiner Empire and is recognized for charitable and humanitarian works.

Who is King Jonas I of Lauwiner?
Jonas I of Lauwiner was born on 15 September 1994, in FMI Hospital Interlaken, Bern. He is the first and only son of the family and is confidante of Yulija Duchess of Imperia. King Jonas I grew up in Interlaken, Canton of Bern in Switzerland. From his young age, he was very interested in science and engineering.

Early Life and Education
In 2010 he joined an Electrical Engineering School in Switzerland were he acquired a wide spectrum of engineering knowledge. Jonas I received his degree in 2014 and after that he completed at the Aircraft Pilots Academy, and became an EASA/JAA certified aircraft pilot. In his first weeks of training, he flew the Piper PA-28-161 Warrior III. King Jonas I also acquired his second degree in business administration in 2016 from Europe.

He took part in many training camps for army preparation and education to become a good officer. He attended Tennis games as well as karate training. As Jonas I was fascinated about ships and Naval Warfare he thought that the Navy was the very best possible training for any boy, so in September 2010, when Jonas I was 16 years old, he joined the cadet training ship CHS Orion at Thun, Bern. Next to all that he needed to learn foreign languages like English and French which he successfully learned. He travelled the world, visiting many areas of the European Union and other places.

During his Naval career he commanded the Black Venom Team in home and International waters, then in Operation Night Storm he almost crashed into a forest with the parachute because of unforeseen airstreams in somewhere classified area, before his last active service in command of Special Warfare Division in 2017. From then on, his naval rank was largely honorary.

Military Career
King Jonas I of Lauwiner joined various units around the world to gain knowledge about strategic command and leadership before the foundation of the Empire. Most Operations that Jonas I have been active are classified till this date because of law interference in various countries. In foreign military Jonas made it till the officer rank of a NATO code OF-2 (Navy Lieutenant, i.e. equivalent to an army captain) before he resigned from his commission. After Jonas was honourably discharged, he decided to create the Lauwiner Empire and fully commit to it.

Jonas I of Lauwiner, that time as a captain with Black Venom Team at an undisclosed mission. (Military photographer B. Patt)

Next to flight operations there were also missions in deserts and water all around the world, on several destroyers of different nations such as the HMS Somerset (F-82) and many others. During this time Jonas mostly held no specific command but was part of a command post. Later on Jonas I held many commands such as, of the Black Venom Team and after Operation Night Storm. One of the largest commands that Jonas I held before the Empire Legion was the Special Warfare Division which he left in 2017.

Awards and Honours
King Jonas I is the grandmaster of the Order of Merit. He is one of the forty Knights and Companions.

King Jonas I and the Lauwiner Foundation
Jonas I of Lauwiner founded the Lauwiner Foundation in 2014. His main idea behind creating the Foundation seemed to fight poverty and help backward people across African and Asian continents.

After getting the Foundation started, King Jonas I of Lauwiner intended in making lives of people better and happy. Lauwiner Foundation works for upliftment of weaker sections of societies in African countries.

Lauwiner Foundation working for people in Africa (Photo by Dean Miller)

It has already helped lots of poor people across various countries with food, water, education, medical, and shelter facilities. King Jonas I of Lauwiner is now considering a major step into spreading the Foundation into poor countries of Asia. His main focus behind the move is to get help to as much poor people as possible through his Foundation.