Why Martin Key Is So Popular?


Martin Key is a Swedish household name founded in 2016. This high-end brand offers customized leather garments. However, the focus of the brand is jackets.

Ultimately, you may ask yourself the question; why is the brand so popular? After all, many other brands in the market offer leather jackets all over the world. Here are a few things you need to know about Martin Key that separates the brand from the rest, making them so popular.

The Quality of The Jackets

As stated before, although Martin Key offers a variety of leather garments, their main focus is on jackets. The jackets are so distinct and popular because each one of them is handmade. This is done at Martin Key’s factory located at Dalarna in northern Sweden. Additionally, leather garments are produced based on customer orders. For the brand, it ensures sustainability by lessening left-over fabrics and avoiding overproduction.

Made to Order

Martin Key products are made to order. This means that the garments are exclusively created for a specific person. In essence, the product is not made to be resold to another person. The brand produces the product only for you after placing your order. They are so popular because the product is personalized with your name on the tag along with the name of the person who made it for you.

The Process Involved

Another aspect that makes Martin Key products so popular is the manufacturing process. In the initial stages, you get a personal consultation where you can discuss your ideas for the item you wish to be made. They take your measurements, and the idea is put into actuality. Additionally, if you are overseas, you can send them a well-fitting jacket that will be used to get your measurements.

Not only are the products sold in a condition that requires little to no alterations (ready to wear), Martin Key ships worldwide.