Why World Mental health Day is important


by Dr Helen Flaherty, Head of Health Promotion at Heart Research UK

World Mental health Day

Sunday 10th of October 2021 is World Mental Health Day. It is an international day for global mental health education and awareness. Every week, one in six adults experiences a common mental health problem, such as anxiety or depression. By keeping the body healthy we can also improve the mind, so here are a few tips to get you started.

Try setting aside two minutes per day over this week to give meditating a go. Simply find a quiet place, sit in a comfortable position with good posture, concentrate on your breathing and pay attention to your wandering mind.

Stay Hydrated
If you are not adequately hydrated, you may find it difficult to think clearly and concentrate. Try to drink six to eight glasses/cups of fluid each day. Water is a cheap and healthy option. Tea, coffee and juices all count, but these may be high in sugar or caffeine.

Reduce Alcohol Intake
Alcohol acts as a depressant and can have a negative impact on your mental health as well increasing your risk of heart disease. Try cutting down on alcohol by swapping to drinks with a lower alcohol content or having a soft drink between alcoholic drinks.

Good Diet and Exercise Routine
Eating a healthy diet can have a positive impact on your mood. Changing dietary habits can be difficult, but small changes can make a big difference. Try to plan healthy meals in advance and make sure you include five portions of fruit and veg every day. Being physical activity can reduce stress. Try to establish a realistic physical activity routine that fits in with your commitments