10 Lively Festivals In London Which Reflect The Country’s Celebrations At Its Best!


The city of London is famous for its castles, clubs, culture, and art. It is one of the biggest metropolitans globally and usually plays a crucial role as a hub for fashion, theatre, and cinema, among other fields, for a while now. The city is an international centre, and thousands of visitors from around the world flock to the city every year to enjoy the British capital’s glory.

There are many ways to have fun in the city, including riding on the renowned red double-decker buses, night walks in the thriving green central parks and famous art galleries. There are several festivals you can enjoy in London with the natives, friends and family.

1. British Summer Time

Location: Hyde Park, London

Dates: 3rd to 12th July

This is one of the grandest music festivals in the British capital. Here you will witness performances from the most incredible international artists like Eric Clapton and Bruno Mars. Revellers also enjoy open air film screenings and entertaining performances. Barclaycard produces the event that attracts visitors from all over the world.

2. St. Patrick’s Day

Location: London

Dates: Weekend closest to 17th March

Every 17th March, Ireland commemorates one of its patron saints, St. Patrick. They usually hold a national holiday and traditional festivities. Moreover, other countries worldwide also celebrate Saint Paddy’s Day in different ways. The History of St. Patrick’s Day reveals that Irish immigrants played a role in spreading this culture to other parts of the globe, including England. Despite Saint Paddy’s Day not being an official public holiday in England, London celebrates this day with spectacular events.

If you visit London during this period, intricate floats, flashy pageantry and marching bands will amaze you. The procession usually begins at Piccadilly and passes through some iconic landmarks like The Ritz, Trafalgar Square, Piccadilly Circus and Whitehall.

3. Citadel

Location: Gunnersbury Park

Dates: 21st July

The Citadel Festival in London moved to Gunnersbury in 2018. It is a wildly famous music festival that grows bigger every year. The festival happens typically the day after Lovebox. It sets up to six different stages, and the entertainment is unmatched. Top artists have graced the festival over the years to the delight of music fans.

4. London Yoruba Arts Festival

Location: Hackney

Dates: Changes each year

This celebration of the Yoruba culture is held every year in Hackney, London. The festivities include workshops, music performances and African food fairs. It usually is a dazzling festival that offers a chance for the Yoruba in London to celebrate their culture. You can explore the African food market to sample some of the exotic food imported from Africa. Plenty of events that showcase the intensity of funky music from Africa entertains music lovers, like Afrobeats, juju and jazz.

5. South West Four

Location: Clapham Common

Dates: 29th August

Popularly known as SW4, the South West Four is arguably the grandest music and dance festival in the British capital. It is held in August every year and includes performances from several music genres, including drum, house, techno and the famous EDM. The SW4 event is graced by some of the leading brands globally who entertain the crowds.

6. New Year’s Parade

Location: West End

Dates: 1st January

Every beginning of the year, Londoners come together to take part in the Day Parade. The parade was first held more than thirty years ago and has grown to be one of the biggest events of its kind. The marching bands go through Parliament Square, Trafalgar Square, Piccadilly and ending at Green Park. Millions of revellers join the parade that also raises funds for various local charities in London.

7. Taste of London

Location: Tobacco Dock

Dates: 17th to 21st June

A company that organizes a series of food fests globally hosts The London Festival. The London edition is debatably the biggest of them all. The festival is ideal for foodies as it showcases the top restaurants, chefs and food recipes prepared in London crucibles.

8. The Great British Beer Festival

Location: Olympia

Dates: 4th to 8th February

The Great British Beer Festival lives up to its names as it is the grandest beer fest held in London. The Campaign for Real Ale usually organizes the event. Beer lovers from all over the world congregate here for cask ales, unpasteurized and unfiltered, conditioned and served out of casks. The first Great British Beer Festival was held in 1978.

9. Notting Hill Carnival

Location: Notting Hill

Dates: 30th to 31st August

This stunning carnival has been held for the last fifty years in the British capital. The festival is helmed by the West Indian Community in Britain. Moreover, it attracts revellers from all over the world. During this fest, people of Caribbean heritage come together to celebrate their culture. There is dancing to reggae, rhumba, zouk and meringue music. The attendees also enjoy food like goat stew and jerk chicken.

10. Wireless Festival

Location: Finsbury Park

Dates: 3rd to 6th July

This is another magnificent music festival that has established itself as one of the iconic festivals in London. The event has been held in popular spots like Olympic Park and Hyde Park. The event has seen performances from leading artists from different genres like Jay-Z, Kanye West, David Guetta, and Drake. The festival has become synonymous with the latest music scene worldwide.