Following the 20 year Friends reunion, London salon Live True London, speak about the impact of Rachel’s iconic haircuts.

If you’re as in love with Friends as we are, here are 10 times that Rachel Green gave us hair inspo…

Valerie Maine, director of Live True London, said:

Forever layers

Can I please have the Rachel layers? This question resonated in all hair salons when the season aired. To this day, the question remains, and Rachel’s layers are still flowing on the clients’ heads. The shape up around the face is very flattering to the features and this is the main reason every client wants them (as pictured left).

Manhattan curls

During the early episodes, Rachel had the curly, voluminous, and bouncy style that was created by rollers and then shaken out to create the extra volume. Nowadays, we still create those looks with a round brush and a hairdryer. A bit of curling tongues on top and we are set!

Waves upon waves

Rachel Green was wearing waves before they made it to the magazines. She was one of the early stages of the migration from the Manhattan bouncy curls to the softer look created by waves. Now everyone wants the waves, a bit of sea salt spray and a wand to bring this look to life.

Casual plaits

Not like Monica that needed braids to tame her frizzy mane; Rachel was wearing plaits in her casual, lounging outfits. Those are still very on brand now and many clients come to have their hair plaited in this way.

Casual bun

The other casual style of Rachel was the messy bun. Classical bun that is sleek and polished is not for her, she likes it so that the layers around the face fall gently. This is a perfect style to have when you want to be relaxed with a touch of trend. Extremely easy to create, a few pins or a chignon and some hairspray will do the trick.

Long hair don’t care

From one episode to the next, Rachel’s hair became long. The sleek style that carried her from the Central Perk to her office was created using long extensions. The extensions were perfectly matched to her existing colour and this was one of the proofs that extensions can be very natural to wear.

Short hair don’t care either

When her hair was not very long with extensions, Rachel was wearing a hairstyle that was rather short. However, the layers were always incorporated to create movement and a slight flicker at the bottom.

Side fringe

Yes, she had a side fringe! Remember the last season, Rachel was more mature in her life and she had this sleek and straight style with a side fringe that covered her eye slightly at times. Side fringes are beautiful and will always help to add some style to long hair.

Face framing balayage

The two lighter pieces of balayage in front of her hair to gently brighten up her features. Those gold shades created contrast in her hair. Face framing is a technique that many want now, and we add this technique to a variation of tones. From dark to light, there is always a way to face frame your style.

French balayage

Let it be known that Rachel Green wanted to go to live in Paris, however from France she only had the hair technique. The golden-brown tones that she wore so elegantly were created by a balayage. This free hand technique is extremely popular now and Live True London are specialist in this colouring method.