Beyonce’s designer, Ollia Tzarina publicly attacks Andrey Arshavin for leaving his dying wife


‘You are a monster, you are trash, you have a face only a mother can love, you are a nobody ‘ the 27 year old Monaco based Oli Tzari is saying about the footballer Andrey Arshavin. What has the Zenit footballer done to deserve this emotionally charged post from the normally reserved and private miss Tzarina ?

The 39 year old ex football superstar who publicly dumped his then pregnant wife Yulia and married his current ex wife Alice Arshavina has reportedly threw Alice out on the street with three children while Alice is deathly ill and is in coma and can not defend herself.

Mrs Arshavina has also experienced an extreme loss of her beauty , when her nose started rotting from the inside ,poisoning her body that no doctor is able to treat ,therefore leaving Alice two weeks to live , instead of supporting the mother of his children , Arshavin told the russian press that ‘ no man will be able to find her pretty anymore so she will never find love again after him’ .

This has infuriated the superstar designer , miss Tzari is a major supporter of women’s rights and works with the London based domestic violence charities . ‘ How can you throw her out of the house while she is dying and you are laughing at her at the same time, this is the mother of your kids !’ Miss Tzari wrote.

Ollia Tzarina became famous when her coloured sable fur jackets costing 30.000 euros each, were worn by every A list celebrity in LA: Kendall, Kim, Beyonce and many more . Miss Tzari is currently working on her brand Bio Lab Exotique and has recently published an anonymous book that reportedly became a global best seller netting miss Tzarina eighteen million euros making her one of the wealthiest 30 under 30 entrepreneurs in the world.

The word on the street is that the book was inspired by her turbulent relationship with a Moto GP superstar that she has kept private .