Music Producer and Executive Bantey Becomes a Member of the Recording Academy (Grammys)


For many musicians nowadays, their passion for the art starts when they’re very young.

The same can be said for the artist, record producer, composer, and music executive at 6Land Music Group, Bantey.

From the West African country of Nigeria, music was always something that gathered his family, and the creative quickly picked up the hobby. Eventually, learning instruments and singing often with his family, his abilities only grew.

Beginning at the age of four, he quickly started learning the piano and playing the drums shortly thereafter. A few years later, he would learn how to produce music by simply watching already established professionals and devoted himself to learning how to make music at the highest level.

Throughout high school and college, Bantey continued progressing his abilities and knowledge, producing and developing local artists as well as performing with already established musicians.

Bantey would then go on to start his own production company alongside his music career. Having the ability to record and produce music at the highest level allowed Bantey’s personal music career to flourish.

Bantey was one of the few selected to become a member of the Recording Academy (The Grammys). The artist says he is “Honored to be one of the 2701 established music professionals selected by the recording academy to be a voting member. It’s quite essential to have a voice in whatever industry one finds themselves in.

Being a new member of the Recording Academy (Grammys) is very important to me because representation matters. It’s been a lifelong dream, and it has finally come to pass. It’s even more interesting as an immigrant as I am able to bring diversity through race, genre, culture, and the much-needed attention to music education. Also, a great way to give back to the music and its creators.”

This is a major achievement in Bantey’s career, but he isn’t going to stop here. Plenty more music, collaborations, among other things are on the way from the creative.