Fight hay fever with these allergy free flowers


Spring is a highly-anticipated season full of beautiful blooms, but with the Met Office estimating one in five UK residents are hayfever sufferers, the season can signal three months of sneezing and streaming. So we’ve created the ultimate list of low-pollen flowers for a hayfever-proof bouquet.

Although you might think that the urban jungle is a safe haven, the effects of pollution is trapping a storm of pollen in urban spaces. This means that city-dwellers are equally (if not more!) at risk of hayfever symptoms than those in the countryside.

Whilst there are plenty of heady blooms to steer clear of, such as hyacinths, chrysanthemums and sunflowers to name a few, we’ve partnered with the trendy East London florist Grace & Thorn to create the ultimate bouquet wish list of hayfever-friendly flowers that won’t set off the sneezing.


Thankfully, all shapes and sizes of these classic beauties only release small amounts of pollen into the air and so are a safe choice for hayfever-sufferers. To further minimise pollen exposure, opt for tight-budded varieties. These come in a variety of colours which can transform the look and feel of your bouquet – for example opt for a cheerful yellow rose for a pop of colour or opt for the classic white rose for simplicity and elegance.


This charming bloom is perfect for adding a touch of colour and texture to a bouquet thanks to its pointed petals and pin-cushioned like centre. A low allergy flower that produces little pollen, the Astrantia will add a wildflower feel to your bouquet – and it’s also super on-trend, so a must-have for Spring bouquets this season.



Tall, slender and brightly coloured in appearance, the yarrow flower is an ideal bouquet addition as it possesses anti-allergenic qualities which prevent the release of histamine – the substance which cause allergic reactions. As well as being a popular flower to add volume and texture to a bouquet, Yarrow is also a regular in herbal remedies to combat allergies.


Snapdragon (Antirrhinum)

In ancient times, snapdragons (named after their beautiful bloom which resembles a dragon’s face) were thought to have supernatural powers and offer protection from witchcraft. Facing more modern-day problems, snapdragons are a safe choice for allergy sufferers thanks to their tightly closed buds which minimise the release of pollen. These are perfect within a mixed bouquet thanks to their multiple blossoms which coat the flower stem.

To showcase these blooms in all their glory, we’ve created the ultimate urban hayfever bouquet. If you’re a fellow hayfever sufferer and feel like you’re missing out on your floral fix, then why not head to your local florist and create your very own low pollen bouquet!