How Hollywood’s elite prepare for the Academy Awards


The world’s eyes and camera lenses are preparing to turn their attention to west Hollywood for the Academy Awards, with Margot Robbie and Saoirse Ronan expected to lead the glamorous event with their dazzling smiles.

The Oscars are world famous, but here are some facts you may not know.

The famous red carpet

Measuring a whopping 500 feet in length and 33 feet in width, the world’s preeminent carpet has become its own catwalk for stars of the silver screen. It doesn’t come cheap either; a cool $24,700 is the price tag to roll out this piece of history.

The dazzling smiles

One photographer estimates they take around 80,000 snaps on Oscar night. Looking good in these photos is key and having a winning smile is a sure-fire way to make hearts swoon all over the world. A recent survey conducted by the teeth whitening brand developed for actors and models, White Glo, discovered 45% of Brits think people with white teeth are more attractive and 43% said that being attractive makes for a more successful career.

White Glo’s dental expert, Jordan Kirk, explains that to get that red carpet ready smile, you’ll need to supplement your usual routine with a mouth tray. ‘To get that celeb smile, without forking out the huge sums, use an instant fit mouth tray like White Glo’s Diamond Series, which will reveal results to rival a Hollywood smile. There is no need to mold the mouth trays, they are instantly ready to use and will form to the shape of your teeth instantly. They can provide both instant results and lasting results.’

Resale value may not be what you think

Whilst the award statue is rumoured to be worth around $900, you may struggle to get more than $1 for your hardware. Written into every Oscar’s winners contract is a resale clause which dictates that before a sale listing begins, the Academy have the right to purchase the statue back for a mere $1.

Why is an Oscar called an Oscar?

Truth is, no one knows for sure. The most popular theory is that the nickname for the physical award came about because Academy Award librarian and future Director of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Margaret Herrick said that it looked like her Uncle Oscar.

Bottoms up

The menu for last year’s Governors Ball, the Oscar’s official after party, sparkled and shined with mouth-watering dishes and drinks. 12,000 glasses of Piper-Heidsieck Champagne welcomed guests and 10,000 glasses of wine from Sonoma’s Francis Ford Coppola Winery kept the guests further hydrated. It took 10 kilos of American farm-raised caviar and 7,500 shrimps to feed attendees, whilst 7,000 miniature chocolate Oscars reminded guests where they were.