London Shop Dog Helps Small Business Get Ahead On High Street


For small businesses looking to address the challenges of driving footfall, repeat visits, improving profitability and customer loyalty, the answer could be on four legs. According to new consumer research by Metro Bank, nearly half of UK adults (47%) admit they have specifically gone into a shop because of the friendly face and waggy tail welcome of a shop dog.

In fact, 50% have purposefully gone out of their way and completely changed their route just so they can visit their local shop dog. That’s why Metro Bank is now showcasing some of the nation’s favourite shop dogs and their stories, celebrating the doggies in the shop window and canines beside the counter –

Shop dogs can help foster new relationships and bring a sense of community so it’s no wonder just over four in five (81%) respondents have returned to a shop to see a dog again. Over half (53%) of those surveyed also said being able to bring their own dog into a shop on the high street impacts their decision to go in.

Dogs have always been considered “man’s best friend”, but that now seems to hold true for businesses too with just under four in five (79%) admitting to spending more money in a shop that has a shop dog than they would have done if there wasn’t a shop dog.

The research also reveals 80% of the public spend longer inside shops with a dog, meaning extended shopping time and also a chance to get to know their local shopkeepers. Having a pooch around also seems to be a great way of recruiting new customers, with 41% of shoppers likely to recommend a shop to a friend because of a dog.

Since the pandemic, community has never been so important and dogs have always helped bring people together. In fact, 56% think that shop dogs create a stronger sense of community and friendliness in shops, and 42% believe shops dogs are important to the local economy.

Pamela and Nicholas Marshall, Co-Founders of Mortar& Milk in London comment on the difference their dogs Blitz & Ava have made to their shop and their customers: “We have a client whose 12-year-old son comes in regularly. He and Blitz have this very intense connection. The first time they met, the little boy was much younger and he came in and sat next to Blitz and they literally stared at each other for a good 45 minutes. To this day they have an intense bond…Having shop dogs is one of the best decisions we’ve ever made”.

Jessica Myers, Brand and Marketing Director from Metro Bank adds: “After a difficult period for many retailers and small businesses, attracting customers back in-store is a huge challenge, but a shop dog could be the secret weapon to recovery. Dogs are proven to relieve stress, relax people and make a great talking point to break the ice with customers. For people who live alone or who are unable to keep a pet, or simply for the tens of millions of consumers who can’t resist an interaction with a friendly fluffy face, they bring a bit of joy to the daily routine.
“Moreover, millions of dog owners are more likely to visit a business that allows their four-legged friend inside, which is why we’ve always welcomed dogs into all of our Metro Bank stores across the UK, and why we offer free dog biscuits, branded bandannas and water bowls for our four-legged friends as well. It’s been lovely to hear stories from real-life shop owners about how their dogs have made a real difference not just to their lives but to their businesses too.”