More success for young computer engineer Maher Alkhawndi


Technology is the way forwards these days. What we see today was never thought of in past and what we will have in future is beyond our imagination.

Young people like Maher Alkhawndi, a Computer Engineer from American University of London are striving to bring technological access to as many online businesses as possible. Shedding a spotlight on Maher and his achievements will be motivation for young and new entrepreneurs.

Mr. Maher is known through his personal website, where people can reach him through his different social media account and contact number. He is an entrepreneur, an innovator and a motivator.

He has been known for his deep interest in technology and the desire to bring innovation to the world of mobile and web applications. He is entitled to a few companies with namely:

These businesses are mainly focused around web and mobile application development. Mr. Maher provides digital marketing strategies for new businesses. Social media marketing and marketing through SMS and Email are among his top selling products to customers all over the world. The Haamapp project is Famous News App in Middle East.

Mr. Maher talks about his aims of providing services in marketing and strategy development for new online businesses. His goals are set to provide best services to clients and make them prosper in the field of online businesses.

Mr. Maher Alkhawndi leads by example. He is Google certified for analytics study. He has been giving motivational and public talks to young entrepreneurs and provide them with guidance in their respective fields. He guides people to set up their business online in the best possible way which would give maximum profits in return.

Instagram account : @maher