How Have Marketing Agencies Been Affected By Covid-19?


Covid-19 is a worldwide pandemic that has seen a majority of the world’s population in lockdown at this time. With a huge impact on the economy as well as sporting events and working life, there is a lot that has changed during this unprecedented time. In this article, we will be looking into how marketing agencies have been affected by Covid-19.

Covid-19 On Local Businesses

As the world continues to feel the effects of the Covid-19 a majority of huge businesses have had to close their doors and seize trading at this time. This has, therefore, meant that several different businesses up and down the country have had to rely on government loans and the furlough scheme in order to remain in operation at this unprecedented time. This has also seen some companies making redundancies and laying off staff in order to remain open.

The Impact On Marketing

As a result of these changes in the business sector, there has been a sharp decline in the number of companies looking to invest in marketing at this time. However, now could be the time to step up the marketing efforts to come out on top. This is because several other companies are slowing down on their marketing and spending. By enlisting the help of one of the best SEO company London can offer you are then able to optimise for keywords and build up your authority at the time of uncertainty.

The Switch To Social Media

At this time, many businesses are choosing to make the switch to social media. This is ideal at this time as several businesses at this time as the customer is spending more time on social media during the lockdown. With adverts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram you can boost the visibility of your brand as well as tailor to target audiences easily at this time. This is particularly the case with children or young adults during this unprecedented time as they are out of school for the time being. This, therefore, means that they will be spending more times on their phones.

Lack Of Revenue

However, it is important to note that marketing is changing during this time as there is very little revenue being produced. This means that some businesses are shifting from traditional PPC to paid social as this is a lower cost per lead. Therefore, during this time, a marketing agency can help to provide you with potential avenues for lead generation that are suitable to your budget. Though this will require communication and planning, there is a way to keep up your marketing efforts without overspending in any way. This is where the agency will be able to help.

Whether you are a small business trying to survive the outbreak or a big company looking to make small steps back to normality for your workforce you need to look at marketing efforts. This is because it can help you to come out on top when lockdown measures are over.