Peter O Halloran unleashes on Skinny Jab in his latest episode of the Peter O Halloran Podcasts


At this stage I thing everyone with a social media account has seen the advertisements from celebrities promoting the new miracle weight loss injections called Skinny Jab.

The consensus going around online is that you inject this into your body and you lose fat, but one podcast that was uploaded last night has completely ripped Skinny Jab apart.

The Peter O Halloran Podcast is hosted by multi award winning nutritionist Peter O Halloran who last night uploaded episode 6 of his podcast named “why fat loss products don’t work”.

Peter is no stranger in using science to educate the public and tear down companies who mislead or make false claims. Only last year he made a report that seen a popular skinny tea being withdrawn from Irish markets.

On last nights podcast Peter set his sights on skinny Jab and within the space of 15 minutes of listening to the podcast I found myself thinking “How on earth would anyone purchase this product after hearing this”.

Peter finely dissects the product and tells us what is exactly in the injections and the implications it can have on you as a result.

Firstly, Peter speaks about the name Skinny Jab

“It sets out the expectation that people who use it will just become skinny which is just not the case ,the name skinny in skinny jab also implies that everyone should be skinny which can have a negative effect on someone’s wellbeing, I can guarantee you anyone who is taking skinny jab has no idea what they are injecting into their body” Peter says .

Peter then breaks it all down explaining that Skinny jab is actually a medication called liraglutide designed to help treat type 2 diabetics.

Peter goes on to explain the dangers and implications of the medication and has a chat with NHS doctor Sarah Bailey who agrees with Peters findings.

Another frightening aspect that Peter reveals is the fact that not only must people inject themself, but they must abide by a low carb diet of 800 calories.

I am not a professional in that industry but a diet consisting of 800 calories sounds diabolical and teetering on starvation. Peter explains the implications of such a low-calorie diet in such and understanding and witty manner.

There are so many valid points brought up by Peter about this product I find it hard to think after listening to the podcast that anyone will actually purchase it.

Skinny Jab is not the only product peter unleashes on in this episode, he delves into a range of other products including a keto product that he made a video on last year that use the story of Sarah Johnson, a nutritionist doing her masters in nutritional science in Stanford university who developed this products.

The picture above is what most people might recognise circulating social media. Peter brilliantly rips it apart showing that there is no such person, how all the photos have been stolen and how the whole story is a shambolic misleading advertisement. He explains the only reason they have not been sued to date is more than likely their disclaimer that appears at the bottom of the story where they tell you the story is fictional.

It is unfortunate that people miss this disclaimer and fall for the scam. it shows you the great lengths people will go to deceive you with the intention of taking your money.

Peters knowledge, humour and cheeky personality has put him on the top of my favourite podcast list for 2020.

If you would like to listen to The Peter O Halloran Podcast Episode 6 it is available now on iTunes and Spotify.

Information like this needs to be shared to prevent others from falling victim.

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