Skipjack Corporation: Making Indonesia’s new capital city as Zetanet Internet 2.0 city


Over the past few years, Internet in Indonesia grows rapidly from 45 million users in 2014 to 132.7 million users in 2016. Allowing a new way of technological era in Indonesia, the creation of internet companies that allows Indonesia to be recognized in the Technology Industry. With the emergence of Blockchain Technology, Indonesia can benefit from Decentralized Technology. One of the promising technological initiative for the Indonesian Community is Zetanet: Blockchain 5.0, a multi-layered and authentication-enhanced scheme for information encryption based on Jack’s Law was created and its application focuses on encryption and autonomous storage.

With Visual Networking Index (VNI) shows global Internet traffic growing at an eye-popping rate, reaching 2 zettabytes per year by 2019. Two zettabytes is 12 times more than all the IP traffic generated in 2009.While it took 32 years — from 1984 to 2016 — to reach the first zettabyte mark, it will take only three more years to reach 2 zettabytes.Global IP traffic will grow at a compound annual growth rate of 23% between 2014 and 2019, reaching 168 exabytes per month in four years VNI forecast.

Zetanet is the internet 2.0 project initiative by Skipjack Technology. It develop to protect ones privacy, encryption was invented to help owners encrypt the data into meaningless information to non-receiver in order to prevent leakage. In this blockchain 5.0 project, a multi-layered and authentication-enhanced scheme for information encryption based on Jack’s Law was created and its application focuses on encryption and autonomous storage. The scheme encrypts the whole or parts of the data according to its owners’ authorization by cryptography. Owners of the data can also specify their own permissions encrypted by hashing data based on their own private key as a signature in the data by embedding the corresponding authentication codes into the encrypted data. Later, the receivers can extract the hidden authentication codes to judge whether the decrypted data is authentic.

The technology architecture is based on Jack’s Law in the Zeta Series Network (ZSN) is a new network concept for nodes with high scalability and speed for use in a wide variety of application scenarios. This network will be secure, include resource isolation, and can be customizable for any demand. The protocol  to aid in the naming, discovery, and addressing of Value Zetanet assets and entities. These seamlessly integrate with internet resources to build underlying protocols and infrastructure services for blockchain ecosystems.A new protocol design TCP/UDP-based low-latency Zetanet Protocol (ZP) to better adapt to and meet the requirements of blockchain network interactions compared to the traditional internet. 

Skipjack design the new internet to be work as Autonomous Data to be a new concept. Applications that use zetanet should put users in control by default. No dependent on servers operated by applications, users should be able to provide their computation and storage resources in autonomous data. Autonomous data storage changes: The Zetanet network uses an approach to ensure that applications built on top are scalable: interactions in applications result in local state changes vs. global state changes whenever possible. Autonomous data to reduce storage system and new encryption authentication protocol are fundamental components of our network— they enable applications to interact with a user’s private data and authenticate a user without ever issuing a blockchain transaction. The zetanet blockchain is only used to coordinate global state transitions in a consistent way (such as registering a globally-unique credentials) in a decentralized fashion. 

With Zetanet, the Islands of Indonesia will be able to connect to the world much faster with less cost in building underwater cable lines and grow their economy allowing to shorten the gap between the rich and poor people in Indonesia. With an encryption that is included in Zetanet, Indonesian government will be able to strengthen their online presence in fighting Online Terrorism, Information Censorship and Fake news. Zetanet plans to also be used in Financial sectors to fight tax evaders and money launderers.

Currently, Skipjack is in talks with the Indonesian Government in integrating Zetanet for the countries development. Skipjack Technology is a Singapore based company that focuses on improving and liberating the internet for everyone through the application of mathematical formula called “Jack’s Law” named after Skipjack’s CEO and Founder, Professor Dr Lord Jack Rahman.