Strictly Come Dancing — How to Bet on a Talent Show


In the UK, betting on various activities is a common way of spending one’s pastime. Additionally, if the activity itself is captivating enough, placing a bet on its outcome is like a cherry on the top of the cake. It doesn’t matter whether you, for example, prefer online bingo sites or some other form of iGaming — interesting content always sells.

Precisely this is the case with the UK dancing talent show, Strictly Come Dancing. The show is followed by many dancing aficionados in the UK, but that’s not all. The popularity of the show has reached such a high level that TV programmes in other countries also started showing it in their local language.

In this text, you’ll read more about this spectacular talent show and find out how betting on it can make your pastime more interesting. Let’s get on to it.

About the Show

In case you’ve never seen an episode of Strictly Come Dancing, maybe reading this text will make you do it. In short, Strictly Come Dancing is a dancing contest where two teams consisting of one celebrity and one dance master compete against each other.

The show features a competition in all the world-known dancing styles — Cha Cha, Tango, Salsa, Rumba, Capoeira, Boogie Woogie, Waltz, Charleston, Quick-Step, Burlesque, Dance Apache, Jive, Merengue, and Pasodoble.

Each episode of the show features several pairs, and their dancing performance is carefully observed by the jury of professionals in the niche. The jury votes according to their liking of each pair’s performance, which is followed by televoting. Finally, the voting results are combined, and the ranking determines the winning couple.

How to Bet on the Show

If watching the show is not appealing enough for you, betting on it might be. In order to place a bet on Strictly Come Dancing, you need to create an account on a sports betting site. All the popular bookies in the UK offer betting on this, as well as other famous TV shows.

The registration process is pretty much straightforward — you are required to provide your basic details and sign up. After that, the bookie will verify your account, and you’re good to go. The show is streamed live every week and gives you a chance to bet on either the winning or the losing couple.

Naturally, every bookie will have different odds for betting on this show, so your job will be to find the one that will make your bet pay off the most.

Is There a Winning Strategy?

Just like there’s a strategy for playing any game of chance, there are also some of them for betting on this talent show. Usually, the majority of punters choose to bet on the winning couple based on their physical appearance. In other words, athletic couples are the ones that are usually considered the potential winners.

However, on several occasions, it turned out that the sense of rhythm and elegant dancing moves had nothing to do with muscles. Therefore, the best way to determine who might be the lucky winner of this competition is to watch a few episodes before you start placing your bets. Good luck!