More Than Finance: CEO Marty Chapman Shares His Love for Guitars


With nearly forty years of experience in the finance business, Marlo Holding’s CEO Marty Chapman has built quite the entrepreneurial resume. Known for his world class leadership and motivational speaking, Chapman conquers his day to day activities with relentless energy, showcasing an unrelenting enthusiasm for excellence.

Typically awake and at his desk by 4am, Chapman often begins his day with a morning run to wake up the mind and body. A strong advocate for pursuing activities that activate the “pleasure center of the brain,” Chapman continues his day chasing down his goals, often working late into the night.

What many may not know about Chapman’s world class ambition, is that it all started in a band. Prior to embarking on financial business endeavors, Chapman was shredding the guitar on stage – a feeling of satisfaction that he often compares to the feeling of achieving success in the business field. A former rockstar, Chapman continues to tear up the stage in other ways, while having never lost his love for music.

“I have a very expensive collection of guitars.” Chapman explains. “I buy collector’s pieces, I sell collector’s pieces, right now I have probably between 50-60 guitars.”

An avid guitar collector, Chapman has amassed an amazing collection. However one guitar truly stands out to the motivational music player – The Gibson Les Paul.

“I’d say my favorite guitar is the Gibson Les Paul because there are sounds that you can get out of a Gibson Les Paul that you can’t get out of any other guitar and those are sounds that I like, which the class rock sound of the 70’s.”

As an artist himself, Chapman expresses his love for classic rock, and names bands and artists such as Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, The Who, Guns and Roses, Black Sabbath and Ozzy Osbourne as a few of his favorites. Coining the phrase “No Adversity, No Stop Signs” as a mantra to live by, Chapman admires the way many artists such as Ozzy Osbourne push through adversity to continue pursing what they love. “One of the greatest concerts I’ve saw in my life was Black Sabbath on their last tour, the end tour.” Chapman describes. “Just watching these guys that I listened to their music for years, in their 70’s still jumping around on stage doing things, just blowing my mind.”

With music and a love for guitar playing as a creative outlet, Chapman continues to showcase that you really can balance creativity with business and find a passion for all that you do through the same mechanisms, or “pleasure centers” of the brain.

From finance to guitar chords, Marty Chapman is a true rockstar at heart – One from which we can all learn a few lessons from. Whether that be how to play a few chords or how to push past stop signs, Chapman is a light in which we can all find inspiration.

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