The 4th season of the Peaky Blinders premieres tonight – meet one of the actors


by Matt Parker

The 4th season of the Peaky Blinders premieres tonight on BBC 2, meet one of the actors who has spoken of his role and what we can expect.

Actor Jake J. Meniani who is appearing as one of the Italian gangsters, he will feature as part of Adrien Brody’s gang in the 4th season of the much loved TV series.

Jake confessed “I’m a fan of Peaky Blinders since the beginning and when I received the script I read all the six episodes without a break”

You were filming with Adrien Brody as well. Tell us about that experience?

The majority of my scenes are with Adrien Brody and the first that we shot was the most intense for me. I was playing with an Oscar winner and it was such a good day. I observed Adrien working and discussing with the director and us about his character and our scene, it was very interesting and instructive. I learned a lot.

Adrien puts a lot of energy in it so that the scene looks perfect: we can see here why he’s a Hollywood star. And I had the chance to meet him and I can say that he’s a fantastic person. I’m very grateful to be a part of this cast. Tonight is the first episode. I cannot wait to watch it!