What is the situation with London EPL teams? These are the updated betting odds


COVID-19 struck the entire world pretty hard over the past few months. It’s no different with England and its capital, London.

One of the biggest and most influential cites in the world was partially paralyzed during this crisis. Apart from many institutions and places, sports activities were also shut down. Among them, football in particular.

For a city that has five Premiership clubs, we can say without any hesitation that it was a massive blow. Chelsea, Tottenham, Arsenal, Crystal Palace and West Ham were (and still are) on hold when talking about the Premier League, but it seems that this situation won’t be active for too long. Some sources are saying that we might see EPL back pretty soon.

And when it starts, there will be plenty of action for all the sides from London. Even though there isn’t a single one who fights for the title, all teams are in interesting situations.

Chelsea, Tottenham, and Arsenal are battling for two places, which lead to the Champions League. At the moment, Liverpool and pretty much Leicester are safe, which leaves two more spots.

Several teams are in the combination, with the Blues in the best position. The bookies set the odds for them to reach the UCL at 1/6. Manchester United is 2/5, and Wolves 3/1. Tottenham, who missed several excellent chances to pick more points, is 9/1, Sheffield United 13/2, and Arsenal 7/1.

Just one thing to add, we will be discussing the Premiership clubs, even though London has teams in each division of English football. We won’t be analyzing the second tier, but if you want to see the offer for that, just follow this link, which leads to the best bookmakers for Championship betting.

To get back to the story. Opposite to these few teams fighting for the higher places, West Ham is struggling to survive in the Premiership. Numerous problems inside the team are killing them, starting with an unreliable goalkeeper up to a pale attack. They have the same number of points as Bournemouth, who is currently under the red line. Aston Villa is there also, with two points fewer than the Hammers but also a game in hand.  So all in all, it will be one hell of a task for David Moyes to stay in the league.

Norwich is, according to the bookmakers, safe for the trip to the lower tier. Odds on that are 1/20. Aston Villa is 4/11, Bournemouth 5/6, and the Hammers are 2/1. After this quarter come Watford 9/4, and Brighton 11/4.

It will be a challenging adventure for West Ham, but we believe that they have all the resources to survive.

Finally, we’ve reached the point with some trophies involved in the story. It would be ridiculous to see all the teams from London eliminated from trophy races. The one competition with clubs from England’s biggest city is the FA Cup. Both Chelsea and Arsenal are there, and they have solid odds of capturing the silverware.

Manchester City is at the top with 8/11, but we need to add that they aren’t heavy favorites as many expected. Chelsea follows the Citizens, with Lampard’s guys sitting at 7/1, Manchester United is 8/1, and Arsenal 9/1. After that comes Leicester 10/1, Sheffield United 20/1, Norwich 33/1, and Newcastle 40/1.

We might see one of those two London clubs lifting the trophy in the end, and that would definitely be nice for the entire football community there. By the way, we need to add that almost all clubs from here are already eliminated from European competitions. Tottenham lost in the round of 16 of the UCL against RB Leipzig, Chelsea is almost done against Bayer, as they lost 0-3 in London and are awaiting now the rematch in Munich. Arsenal was shocked at Emirates against Olympiakos, and with a late extra-time hit.