Why are Londoners giving their dogs CBD?


It seems that just about everyone in the capital is taking CBD for just about everything at the moment. The more popular it becomes, the bigger the hype that surrounds it, with advocates recommending it as a treatment for everything from acne to cancer. Some have even been talking it up as a weapon in the fight against Covid-19

The truth is that many of these claims are based on the most flimsy of evidence. However, if you approach the hype with a healthy mixture of objectivity and cynicism, you can filter out the more questionable claims and still be left with numerous properties that have been fully researched and scientifically proven. Interestingly, these do not just apply to humans. 

CBD and dogs

London’s four-legged citizens are as apt to get caught up in the latest crazes as their human companions, so we really shouldn’t be surprised that canine CBD products are also becoming a big hit. Although there has not been a vast amount of research on the topic, there are no known risks or side effects for dogs any more than there are for humans. Of course, this assumes you choose a good quality product, store it correctly and so on. 

So the evidence suggests that giving your dog CBD will not do it any harm. But will it do any good? The answer, as with humans, is a guarded “yes.” Here are three benefits that have scientific backing. 

Pain relief for arthritic dogs

Anyone who has owned a larger dog will know that as they get into double figures, arthritis is all too common. There are few things so heartbreaking as seeing your companion in obvious pain and struggling to run, jump or even just enjoy a long walk in one of the city’s parks the way he used to. 

CBD is a proven anti-inflammatory and this makes it a valuable weapon in the fight against arthritis. It won’t make the condition go away, but it can often be effective in easing the symptoms and helping an older dog to keep enjoying an active life. 

Stress relief for nervous dogs

Until you’ve lived with a dog that suffers from stress, it is hard to understand just how serious it is. Seeing your dog so upset and terrified by a thunderstorm or the sound of fireworks is just as distressing for the owner. There is also the pragmatic consideration of the damage that some dogs can cause when stressed. A pet with separation anxiety, for example, will often scratch at the door or destroy the nearest cushion. 

A succession of studies have shown that CBD is effective at improving mood and reducing anxiety. Scientists believe it does so by encouraging the body to produce serotonin, the “feel good” neurotransmitter. 

Not as sick as a dog

Dogs vomit for all sorts of reasons, but when it becomes a regular occurrence, either due to some other medical condition or as a side effect of medication, the vet will often prescribe an antiemetic. 

The problem with these medicines is that they tend to have unpleasant side effects. Research has found that CBD works just as well at reducing vomiting, but without leaving your dog feeling any the worse.