Coacha Launches New Track & Trace Feature for Sports Clubs


A UK-based software company that specialises in sports club membership management has recently launched a new feature that makes adhering to the new government re-opening guidelines much easier. Coacha, a company that already offers software that allows clubs to take attendance registers whilst complying with GDPR is confident their new feature will benefit grassroots sports clubs across the country. The sports clubs Track and Trace functionality is ideal for any clubs struggling with the admin as restrictions are relaxed slightly.

Sports Clubs Reopened on 25th July

After what seemed like a lifetime, the UK government announced that sports clubs in England would be able to open their doors to members from 25th July. This is incredible news, but it comes with some re-opening guidance that cannot be ignored.

The government has stated that clubs must Track and Trace their customers and record that data for a minimum of 21 days. This data will then be used to contact anyone who has come in contact with a COVID-19 positive patient if they need to. This is similar to what those in the hospitality industry are already doing.

Due to the nature of Coacha’s existing software, the features already part of Coacha already hold the data that is required by the government. However, the team at Coacha are simplifying things by adding a new COVID Track and Trace software feature. This will allow club owners and admins to use the data that is taken from the registers within a 3 week period – as requested by the government. This timeframe can be adjusted to longer or shorter periods of time within Coacha itself by club owners, pending how guidelines change in the future.

The membership management Track and Trace functionality will also allow clubs to select the member and locate who they have been in contact with whilst attending their club. This is not only ideal for saving time and admin costs but also for showing that sports clubs are adhering to re-opening guidelines. Club members who have come into contact with a COVID19 positive person can also report this to the club using the functionality.

Coacha Lite – Free for Life

Despite the Track and Trace tools only costing £25pcm, Coacha is keen to help out as many grassroots sports clubs as possible. This is why they are offering a ‘free for life’ version of Coacha Lite which includes the use of the Track and Trace features for all sports, recreational and pastime clubs.

Coacha Lite will allow clubs to record all member details including next of kin and emergency contacts. It will also automatically generate attendance registers and securely store up to 50 people’s details in the system.

Should the government or local authorities require the data in the event of a COVID positive case, the data can be easily downloaded to save everyone time. The personal data is stored securely and provides peace of mind for everyone involved.

Leading the Way

The Track and Trace functionality from Coacha is sure to be welcomed with open arms by grassroots clubs who are struggling to adhere to the new re-opening guidelines. This company has already launched around the world with versions of this software already available in the EU, Australia, Canada and the USA. With a strong focus on helping out grassroots clubs, Coacha is certainly leading the way in club management software during this difficult time.