Janine Nerissa has a Licence To Thrill at James Bond anniversary screening


Actress Janine Nerissa hit the Town on Friday night, attending the 30th Anniversary screening of underrated James Bond classic Licence To Kill at London’s Prince Charles Cinema in Leicester Square.

Janine, dazzling in gold Marje dress, would not have looked out of place in the movie, which was the first 007 film to be awarded a 15 certificate in the UK.

Timothy Dalton played Bond for the second and last time. Janine’s partner, producer Jonathan Sothcott, looked suitably dapper in an open neck shirt and blazer, but all eyes were on Janine when she arrived at the cinema.

The screening was introduced by Alan Church, assistant (and optical cameraman) to the late Maurice Binder, who designed and produced the iconic Bond opening credits. Licence To Kill was the last Bond film to feature Binder’s work. It was also the last in the series directed by John Glen, who had also helmed the previous four movies.